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The School of Self Mastery

Discover your Purpose and Connect to a Higher Vision of You.  Approachable Online Programs for your Spiritual Growth.  


Hi, I'm Heather: my purpose is to help to guide others on their spiritual journey.

I am a formally trained ascension coach, shamanic practitioner & devoted mentor.  I've successfully assisted others in their steps to awakening & have humbly earned my way.  My awakening has unfolded over 18 years now.  have been in spiritual & energy studies since 2008. I have taken the leap of faith in quitting my profitable corporate career to assist humanity in these important evolutionary times.  My commitment to assisting others in their Spiritual Journey is a top priority as I have been guided to this path.

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Tools for your personal Advancement
& Spiritual Growth

At Cafe Oracle, we believe that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness and unlock their full potential. Our  school is designed to help you detach from the collective nightmare that many of us find ourselves engaged in. We share the transformative power of shaping a new dream. Want to know how we can wake up and consciously co-create a fabulous life experience and live more harmoniously in the world.


So many of us are burnt out, knowing there's got to be a better way. Through years of research and discovery we've uncovered the sacred ways to sp take control of our lives and nurture our dream into being. At Cafe Oracle Sacred Mystery School we help you find meaning in life, align with deep purpose, and traverse the road of self-mastery. We deliver programs and share proven tools to help you on your journey to self-realization and enlightenment. Theres more to life and your empowerment is the key! We know they way, we can show you. 

"A Clarion Call has been sent out for World Servers."
(Earth & Humanity needs your active participation)

Patricia Cota Robles

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