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Our Story

At Cafe Oracle, we believe that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness and unlock their full potential. Our classes are designed to help you detach from the collective reality that many of us find ourselves in. We are here to share the transformative power of shaping a new dream for yourself and for humanity. Let's wake up together and consciously co-create incredible life experiences full of purpose and joy.  Don't you want to live more harmoniously in this world? We do to. So many of us are feeling burnt out, waiting for the signs to change. There's got to be a better way. Through years of research and discovery we've uncovered the ways to take control of our lives and nurture our ideal dream life into being. At Cafe Oracle we help you find meaning in life, align with a deeper purpose, and traverse the road of ascension through self-mastery. We deliver programs and share proven tools to help you on your journey to self-realization/enlightenment.

Theres more to life and your empowerment is the key! We know they way, we can show you. 

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